Airway management involves much more than simple placement of an endotracheal tube

Decisions of when and why to intubate, by which method, with or without pharmacologic agents, and what to do if things go wrong must be made quickly and confidently. AIME is dedicated to supporting the clinician in making these critical airway management decisions.

AIME has been offering a hands-on, skill-based clinical learning experience to thousands of practioners for fifteen years. Our programming continues to serve the needs of phsycicans, paramedics, military medics, nursing and respiratory therapists. 

Mark your calendars for the next AIME Advanced programs: November 8 2016 and May 26 2017
AIME Advanced 

A unique high fidelity simulation clinical cadaver experience


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    Lewis SR, Butler AR, Parker J, Cook TM, Smith AF. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 20...

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